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Craig Copeland

Disruptive Thinking


The Gateway to Genius Level Thinking

“Visionaries and those longing to transform industries should read this. Copeland deconstructs a well-worn concept to deliver refreshing perspectives.”
                                                                              ~ Booklife by Publishers Weekly



Everyone strives to become more intelligent. We have been conditioned to believe that IQ is the ultimate source of genius. Yet those who have disrupted and changed the world for the better did so by cultivating a radically personal skillset far different than what is taught in school or measured by intelligence tests.

Now you can learn to use the tools that geniuses throughout history have been using to create, inspire, design our direction, and shape our destiny. And the key to unlocking these powerful tools is as simple as turning a page.

Who is born with this? EVERYONE! How can YOU cultivate these special gifts, and
what has kept you from utilizing these powerful tools until now?

There are eight simple yet revolutionary powerful attributes we all share and after fourteen years of research you now have all the information and guidelines to gain
complete access to unlocking your own unique, latent mental abilities. There is nothing too daunting for you to learn, but you will have to unlearn a couple things in
order to fully access your most powerful, natural gifts. Are you ready?

“Intellectuals solve problems. Geniuses prevent them."
                                                                        ~ A. Einstein


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